These are some examples of our tyre prices. We can provide all of the leading makes and models of tyres in many sizes. Prices are subject to market changes so please phone for latest pricing. We offer a full tyre fitting service where tyres are fitted and balanced and old tyres are sent for recycling. The price is £21.70 per wheel if the bike is brought in (some exceptions, please check), or £15.70 for loose wheels. For customers supplying their own tyres the charge is as per the workshop labour rate. We also offer puncture repairs to tubeless tyres where it`s safe to do so, the cost is £3 plus the workshop labour rate. Please note that due to insurance, we are unable to fit pre-used tyres.

BT023 tyres

Bridgestone BT023

Bridgestone has developed the Battlax BT-023 for consistant high level performance in both touring and sport riding. It`s been around for a long time but is so popular they decided to keep it going! By combining good wear life and wet performance for touring with the grip and steering control for sport riding, the BT-023 provides a wider range of choices for larger bikes.

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Bridgestone S21

The S21 makes the most of Bridgestone’s experience when it comes to mileage, but leans towards performance end of the Battlax scale. A great tyre for road and track!

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Michelin City Grip

City grip scooter tyres offer precise control in all weather conditions, deep shoulder sipes maximise wet grip while the slick centre maintains solid rubber contact.

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